The Benefits Of Awnings

house with an orange awning on the side of it

Awnings look great on the side of houses. Whether it’s providing cover for your garden suite or giving a little shade to your patio doors, they can be used for many purposes. If you’re a commercial business, they’re a great storefront addition. So, what are the advantages?

Increased Space

Because of the protection from the elements, awnings provide extra outdoor space with lots of versatility. There are countless things to do with the room. It’s a great space for dining alfresco because it protects food and guests from the hot sun or light showers. If you’ve got a big patio or large bi-fold doors, it can make your house seem bigger, as it’s like an extension at the back.

Why Buy An Awning

Better Shade

The greatest advantage of awnings is that it protects you from the sun. Not only is this great for our skin, but it also brings other benefits. It will be shielding your garden furniture from exposure, which prevents the colours from bleaching or fading. Moreover, it will reduce that pesky glare you get on the TV in the sun.

A standout advantage is that it can help keep the building cooler on warm days because of the shade it provides. Reducing the need for fans or air con might also help with energy bills, which is always a plus.

Awnings In Newport: Extra Privacy

If you’ve got overlooking neighbours, awnings are a great way to provide privacy. If you’ve got other houses close by and are alert when you’re relaxing in your garden, investing in a canopy is a great option. It provides a layer of security, so you can be comfortable in your own home. 

Do you often have your curtains drawn for privacy? If so, awnings offer a lot of support in keeping windows and doors from view. If nosy neighbours are a problem, these can help you hide away from the watch of the person who lives next door.

Awning Outside
Outdoor dining with awning


Most awnings have the ability to conceal themselves. This is great for times when you don’t want it out, especially in the winter months. You have the freedom to extend and retract whenever you wish, so if you did want to sit in the sun one day, you can easily pop it away. Businesses can benefit from this when it’s closing time. Having a motorised mechanism can come in handy for the end of the day.

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