Winter Curtains

Winter Curtains

Have you considered changing to winter curtains this year? Here at A1 Blinds & Curtains we have had many years in the industry supplying and installing high quality products to homes in and around South Wales. We have a wide range of options available to make your home even more festive and cosy this winter! To find out more about these, be sure to call our team on 0800 037 7368 today.

Heavy Duty Fabric

Our curtains are made from heavy duty fabric which can withstand a range of environments and therefore are extremely long lasting. Whether our curtains are in the living room or a playroom, they have been proven to show signs of wear a lot slower than other brands. Of course, you must make sure to look after them, but with everyday elements they can withhold their beauty. We house many styles of curtains, these include:


For heavier materials, we find eyelet curtains are best as the chrome rings help hold the fabric securely. They are easily hung on a pole and provide an effortless look as well as making them seamless to open and close.

Pencil Pleat

Our pencil pleat curtains can be used on both poles and tracks, depending on your décor preference. The pleats are gathered on something called ‘heading tape’ and are idea for any shape window you may have.


Ideal for bedrooms or sunrooms, blackout curtains are lined with a light proofing material to block out any sun or daylight from entering the room. They are a favourite for many homes in the UK and worldwide due to the ability to have constant control over brightness even on the sunniest days.


To help insulate rooms in both summer and winter, thermal curtains are the best option for your home. They come in many colours to fit all kinds of decoration styles.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

If you’re wanting increased thermal efficiency in your property, our thermal curtains are the best option. They are great for reducing your heating costs as they trap heat in winter when you need it most! As well as this, they keep your rooms cool in summer to prevent that ‘stuffy’ feeling in the evenings. People often pair curtains with blinds to dress their windows up and add dept to their décor. If this is of interest to you but you are unsure about what would look best, our experts will be happy to advise options they feel would benefit you the most.

Heavy Duty Winter Curtain Prices

To find out more about our heavy duty winter curtain prices and get a quote for your home, call us at A1 Blinds & Curtains today on 0800 037 7368. A member of our friendly and dedicated team will be able to answer any questions you may have. When it comes to quality of both our products and the service we offer, we make sure to go the extra mile to ensure customers are always happy.


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