Why You Should Have A Canopy


If you’re interested in buying a canopy in Newport, then let us tell you all the benefits of owning one. In contrast with an awning that is found attached to a building, it’s a stand-alone covering with its own frame. Here are just some of the advantages of buying a canopy:

Protection From The Weather

The biggest purpose and benefit of a covering is to shelter from the elements. This is especially perfect for the Welsh weather, keeping people sheltered from the frequent showers. They’re also super handy when it comes to the summer months as they provide great protection from the sun. Not only can it keep things cooler, but it can block out those harmful UV rays. This makes it ideal for keeping the children’s play area or the outside dining space safe.

White Canopy

Useful Features

You can adorn a canopy with different features like heating, lights or fans. This is perfect for chilly evenings when it starts to get darker. It can make the outdoors feel cosy and inviting, keeping you outside in the fresh air for longer. Picture twinkling lights draping from corner to corner and imagine the paradise that could be in your very own garden.

A Canopy Adds Style

Not only are canopies practical, but they can also be super stylish too. You have a bit more freedom when you compare it with an awning, as size isn’t a problem if you have the space. At A1 Curtains and Blinds, we offer expert advice from our design team.

White Canopy

Attracts Potential Buyers in Newport

As they add more usable space to a property, you may find that owning a canopy can up the price of a house. All that space for entertaining, relaxing and playing can be a real selling point when it comes to selling. Potential buyers will love the attraction of a stylish garden covering, and it may be the extra feature that gives you the edge.

Looking For A Canopy In Newport? Contact Us Today

If you need a canopy for your home or business, then get in touch with our team today. All the benefits of owning one are just a phone call away. Whether you’re looking to entertain guests at a summer BBQ or have a protected area for the kids to play under, contact us for quality coverings.


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