What are Day And Night Blinds

What are Day And Night Blinds

Constructed from designed strips which are covered in fabric with different levels of transparency day and night blinds are the ideal choice for a modern home. They give a high level of adjustability of light in your home. Discover how these simple but stylish blinds could be great for your home.

The Benefits of Day And Night Blinds

You may have thought about vertical blinds, but you are worried they won’t look right in your room then day and night blinds could be the perfect choice for you. Offering many of the same benefits in a simple timeless style.

Available in different styles and colours, they can perfectly match your room. They offer you the chance to adjust the light in your room no matter what time of year it is and can add an extra level of thermal protection for your home. They are not bulky in anyway and with this slim line look it fits well in a family home as they are greatly child & pet friendly.

Ideal for sunny days when you still want to enjoy the sun coming into your home but still being able to filter out some to make whatever your doing that bit more comfortable.

How Do They Work

Day and night blinds, as said above, are made up of designed strips covered in fabric that can be adjusted to allow as much light as you wish through. The solid coloured strips can be pulled over the opaque strips to allow as much sunlight into the room as is needed or block out totally, whichever you wish. Because of this they are becoming more and more popular in a modern home. Perfect for kitchen or a work space, at a time when you need the light to be just so they are ideal.

Day And Night Blinds Newport

We do hope you like Day and Night blinds as much as we do and here at A1 Blinds & Curtains, we have a great selection to choose from. Contact us and we will be able the take you through step by step picking the right style for you and arranging an amazing fitting too


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