Thermal Curtains

thermal curtains

At A1 Blinds & Curtains, we provide thermal curtains to keep your home warm in winter. They are a great option for your home all year round and we feel they should be in every home as they come with many benefits. To find out more about these and get them installed in your home, call our team on 0800 0377368 today. You can find a range of colours to suit any décor in our large catalogue of curtains.

Reduce The Cost of Your Heating

One of the benefits of thermal curtains is that they reduce the cost of your heating quite a lot. They work by creating a space between the room and window which reduces the chances of cold or hot air being transferred into the room. Therefore, you will not need to have your heating on all the time in the evenings when the curtains are drawn as the heat from the day would be kept from escaping.

It even works the same in the summer as it is not always as warm in the evenings as we expect it to be. By having thermal curtains installed, you can trap the heat from the day and keep your home nice and toasty in the evenings. They alternatively work too to keep out the heat during the day if it is getting a bit too much, as they are good at reflecting heat back outside.

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Keep Out The Cold!

Thermal curtains are one of the best ways to keep out the cold during the winter months to keep you cosy in the evenings, so you don’t need to layer up and hide under lots of blankets! Thermal curtains tend to be made with the following to make them so good at managing the temperature; felt, thick cotton, flannel, or other thermal resistant materials. All our thermal curtains are made to the highest standard to ensure you can reap the rewards of our products.

This curtain option works best in any room of your home, the more the better! We would suggest converting all your existing window coverings to this as it betters the chances of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year. There are a range of colours to fit with any room in your home too so that shouldn’t hold you back! Having the same design style throughout your home too can tie in your whole space nicely. The friendly member of our team can advise the best options if you are unsure.

Thermal Curtain to Keep Out The Cold

If you need a thermal curtain to keep out the cold this winter, get in touch with our team here at A1 Blinds & Curtains. Our fully trained experts will be happy to help in any way they can if you are stuck on what would be best for your home. Reach us on 0800 0377368 to find out more about our products and their prices. We look forward to hearing from you.


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