Roller Blinds – What To Know Before Buying

Roller Blinds

When choosing roller blinds for your home it is important to consider your space carefully. When decorating a room, picking the right window dressings can really complete the look and feel of your room. Roller blinds create a modern, sleek aesthetic with an easy to use mechanism to control the amount of light let in. 

Find out some of the key benefits of having roller blinds throughout your home and how to measure your windows for them.

Which Fabric Is Best For Roller Blinds?

When deciding on the correct roller blinds for your home, consider which room you’re decorating carefully. If you’re updating a bedroom with new blinds, it might be important to have blackout blinds, ensuring the room stays darker for longer.

There are other options for light management of course. As well as blackout blinds, you may want to consider sheer roller blinds too. Instead of totally blocking out light, these blinds simply filter light coming through. As well as light controlling options it is also important to consider the room in which the blinds are going in to. For example, you may want waterproof or roller blinds that are easier to maintain if they are going in the kitchen.

Blackout Blinds

If you opt for blackout roller blinds, make sure that the size fits snug in the window frame to ensure complete blocking of light when required. Alternatively, fit them to the outside of the window frame for the same effect.

Motorised Blinds

Roller Blinds Save Space

Do you currently have curtains up? If so, you’ll know that they take up space due to being hung outside of the window frame and draping down to a certain level. Whilst this may be minimal it can prevent having furniture placed under your windows or certainly create an unnecessary hassle.

With roller blinds, because they sit inside of the frame, taking up very little space. When not in use, as the name suggests they simply roll up neatly to the top of the window taking up no space at all. This can mean smaller spaces such as kitchen windows, home offices or bedrooms become the best choice and you’ll be truly surprised at how much space is really saved.

Update Your Living Space With Bespoke Roller Blinds

Our home design team are ready and waiting to provide you with completely one-off designs to compliment and suit your living spaces. From flat, solid colours to create a bold statement to beautiful patterns to really make a statement about your living area.

We offer our bespoke design services to all types of roller blinds so you’ll be able to combine complementary patterns to our waterproof materials to create outstanding one of a kind blinds for your kitchen or bathroom that won’t become mouldy or rot with high amounts of moisture.

How Do I Measure For Roller Blinds?

The first thing to do before measuring for your blinds is deciding whether you want them fitted inside the window recess or on the outside. For Blackout or dim out blinds, we recommend a much more snug fit if you opt for installing inside the recess. To be safe, blackout blinds work just as well when fitted outside of the window recess.

How Do I Measure For Roller Blinds?

To save the most space and create a neater look, fit your roller blinds inside of the window recess. In order to measure up for this, make sure to measure the width at the bottom, middle and top of your window recess. It’s important when measuring to round down and not up to ensure that your new blinds fit perfectly within the window frame. 

Remember, our blinds are made to measure and if you live in South Wales or the South West of England, we offer a complimentary home visit to ensure that your roller blinds fit perfectly. Our expert team will professionally measure your window recess on-site for you and offer advice on interior design to help you choose the perfect blinds for your home. This service is for both commercial and residential properties.

Contact Us To Find Out More About Roller Blinds

To enquire about our bespoke, made to measure roller blinds in South Wales, simply call us on 0800 037 7368 or contact us here. Our team of expertly trained designers can offer help and advice on anything related to window coverings and roller blinds in order to assist you with any questions you might have.


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