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Domestic interior blinds

Trying to find the perfect interior blinds in Newport, can be a difficult if you’re not sure what you want or what you need the blind to do. We are going to help you find the ideal interior blinds for your home and give you the best advice on what works best for your requirements. A1 Blinds and Curtains are here to help our customers make the best choice for their home.

Blinds For Windows

When looking for blinds for windows, making the right choice is important. To both give you the best look and ensure you don’t make the wrong choice, which can result in extra cost. The best piece of advice we can give you is to measure twice and measure again. The most common mistake made is mis measuring the window space. One way to combat this is to use a fitting service, which we provide with our blinds. An expert will ensure your blinds fit right the first time.

What room are you buying blinds for? The décor is not the only point to think about. If you are purchasing blinds for a kitchen or bathroom, remember these areas are high in moisture. Go for blinds that not only give style but can also withstand water. So, what type of blinds are there?

What Types of Interior Blinds Are There

There are many types of blinds to choose from. The choice you make is more about what you want from your blind. Do you need light control or need a blind that help a room retain heat in the colder months? There is a long list of blinds to choose from, just here at A1 Blinds and Curtains we supply 17 different styles of interior blinds in Newport, from rollers to eclipse blinds. Here are some of the most popular and why they could be perfect for your room.

  • Roller Blinds- These ever-popular blinds have a timeless mechanism and are perfect for both domestic and commercial properties. Available in blackout or dim out materials, which makes for ideal light control.
  • Perfect Fit Blinds- What are Perfect fit Blinds? Not a commonly known style of blind but they are ideal when you want to control light and privacy. These are made to measure blinds that perfect fit your window, you will not be able to see through once they are closed. They make a great choice for bathrooms, conservatories, and toilets.
  • Venetian Blinds- These are a firm favourite in many homes across South Wales. They have a timeless feel and are available in a choice of colours and finishes. They give great light control, for example on sunny days your can direct the light to where you need it.

Interior Blind Quotes and Prices

If you need interior blind quotes and prices for your home or business, then come see A1 Blinds and Curtains. Our skilled team are experts in their field and can help you make an informed choice of interior blinds for your home. Contact us today and discover the difference


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