Blinds, Should They Be Inside The Window Frame

Should Blinds Be Inside The Window Frame

Should Blinds Be Inside The Window Frame

We all want the perfect look for any room and adding blinds is a great way of not only giving your windows a great look but can also be so practical too. From light control to giving that extra layer of thermal protection. As the years have gone on there have been many types and designs of blinds that come into fashion and the more popular ones now are the blinds that give a seamless look. This can be achieved with a simple integrated blind. So, should blinds be inside the window frame?

Can You Fit Blinds To Double Glazing

The simple answer to can you fit a blind in double glazing, is yes and no. Having integral blinds is a great way of having a sleek look for your room. You can have blinds integrated into a double-glazed unit, but they usually come that way when you have new windows installed. Having them added to existing windows can be difficult and result in your double glazing being less effective. Its all about the seal gases in the double-glazed unit that allow them to be the perfect insulating force that is very common across the country.

The other options for integrated windows are to have a simple frame added to your existing windows and the blind will fit effortlessly behind, simple. So, yes you can have integrated blinds in your home and have the ideal look around the house.

Interior Blind For Windows Supply & Fit

Whatever interior blind you want from a roller blind to Venetian blind, A1 Blind’s & Curtains are here to help. Our expert team help you to find the ideal match. Tell us how you want your blinds to match into your home and we will do our best to give you the look and feel you want.

Interior Blinds For Windows Newport

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