How To Clean Vertical Blinds

How To Clean Indoor Blinds

Cleaning your homes blinds is all part of keeping your home spick and span – especially nowadays! Whether you are a spot cleaner or prefer to tackle everything in one go sort of person, there are many efficient ways to maintain your window blinds. To guide you to what works best for you and your interior blinds, here is our blog on dusting vs. a good deep clean.

How To Clean Blinds By Dusting

A good regular dust is paramount to keeping your indoor blinds in excellent condition. By tackling dust and dirt at least once a week, you will avoid any build up and stop it from settling in the fabric of your blinds, this helps in maintaining the quality and colour for much longer. What’s more, cleaning blinds is quick and easy to do as part of your regular household routine.

If you are cleaning your roller blinds, let them hang down completely and gently wipe it over with a clean cloth – that simple.

For cleaning your venetian blinds, take a damp cloth and wipe along the slats to remove any dust that may have settled there.

When cleaning slatted blinds, such as wooden or aluminium venetians, wipe them down with a dryer sheet after you have passed over with a clean damp cloth. This will reduce the amount of dust that settles on the slats afterwards.

If you have vertical blinds, because of the way they generally hang, they rarely get dirty and dust doesn’t sit as easily on them. For a quick clean, fully close the blind and wipe them down from top to bottom with a damp cloth.

How To Clean Blinds By Deep Cleaning

Although a good and regular cleaning routine will keep your blinds looking smart, a deep clean every few months is a good way to refresh your window dressings and get rid of any dirt that can not be tackled with a spot clean.

Slatted blinds should be fine with regular wipe downs and should not require a deep clean, however fabric blinds will really benefit from this more intensive approach.

To clean your roman blinds, remove them from the headrail and place in a warm bath with some fabric cleaner. Gently swirl the water to unsettle any dirt or dust. When you are satisfied the blinds are clean, take them out of the water and lie them flat to dry. It’s easy to do this yourself, but if you’re reluctant, you could always dry clean them.

Vertical blinds occasionally require a deeper clean. Unhook each slat from its louvre and place in a warm bath with a little fabric cleaner. Move the water around, then, and once they are clean, take them out and lay them flat until they’re just damp. Then hang them back up so they dry straight.

When it comes to keeping your blinds clean, a combination of regular dusting and the occasional deep clean is a great way to cover all bases. Dusting and spot cleaning will keep your blinds looking good for longer, whereas a big clean will tackle any of the dust you can’t get to in your regular routine.

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