How To Choose Window Blinds

half drawn blinds next to a window

With a multitude of blinds available nowadays, and each style offering something different depending on the room, choosing the right ones can be tricky to say the least. The desired blinds should not only match your colour scheme, but also provide good functionality and light control through the room.

To help you choose the right blinds every time and in every room, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when shopping for your next window blinds.

Choosing Blinds For The Bedroom

If you are choosing blinds for the bedroom, we would recommend staying clear of Venetian and vertical blinds, as the slats can let in light, even when closed. Why not instead choose a roller or Roman blind, which are available in room darkening and blackout fabrics? Due to the ways they are constructed these roller blinds will help to block out natural light and make them the perfect choice for bedrooms. For extra warmth and security why not pair these blinds with heavy curtains to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Choosing Blinds For Bathrooms And Kitchens

Rooms prone to high humidity, such as your kitchen, wet room or the bathroom, need to have blinds constructed from a hard wearing, water resistant fabric or you will find they look tired after a few months of use. Our kitchen and bathroom blinds are constructed from tough, time-tested materials which can be cleaned easily, so you need not worry about humidity, dampness or stains.

What Colour Scheme For Your Choice Of Blinds

While some might not consider blinds an important part of their home’s interior design, we know they can make or break how a home looks and feels — so it is important to choose the blinds to match your current colour scheme and style. So, for example, if your home is in need of a splash of colour, why not inject some with a boldly coloured roller blind? Or, maybe you would prefer to have an earthy and more traditional interior style and opt for classic wooden Venetian blinds or choose fabric blinds in a neutral hue.

How Much Will You Spend On Your Roller Blinds

So in reality how much do you need to spend on new and quality blinds — is it a lot or a little? Depending on your budget, you may be restricted to a certain style of blind, as well as a specific set of materials. Knowing your budget before browsing window blinds will help to narrow your search and prevent you from splashing out on a set which are above and beyond your price range.

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