How To Choose Curtains

How to choose curtains

Choosing curtains for your home can be daunting, with so many options available in different colours and styles. Our trained team is able to assist you in choosing a design that’s right for you. If there’s one thing we know, it’s curtains

When picking curtains, there are several aspects to consider. Such as fit and style, length requirements, materials, budget and more. We have put together a handy curtain guide below.

Curtain Lighting

Creating a specific look and feel for a room can depend on the level of light you allow in. This is why when choosing your new curtain design, it is important to consider how much light each design might let in.

A great example is having blackout curtains in your bedrooms to prevent sunlight coming through in the early hours of the morning. In contrast, having lighter curtains in living spaces can be a great way to allow diffused light into your rooms. This can make them feel more open and aerated.

How To Measure Curtains

Getting the right size curtains is important for not only the look and style of your room but also for the amount of light let in to your home. Having curtains too short or too long can affect the amount of light let in, thereby defeating the object of having them.

Different curtain styles have different measurements so it’s best to get this right. A more traditional style should see the drapes being triple the width of the window. Whereas, for a clean and more contemporary/ modern look, drapes should only be around 5-8cm wonder than the width of your window.

Start measuring your curtains from the curtain pole, going down towards the floor. Our curtain lengths range from:

“Brushing”: Curtains that only just touch the sill.

“Breaking”: Drapes that are only a couple extra inches longer than the floor.

“Puddling”: Curtains that are an additional eight inches on the floor.

“Hovering”: You guessed it, curtains that hover centimetres above the ground.

Choosing Curtain Material

The material of your curtains can complement your home perfectly so it’s important to choose a material that suits your style. Ensuring that the curtains go well with your décor and furniture will help to tie your rooms in perfectly.

For cooler rooms with a more summery feel, linen or cotton curtains are ideal at creating fresh and bright styles. However, sleek fabrics such as silk or satin, can really add a touch of glamour to your spaces.

In order to let less light in and create a warmer feel to your living room, bedrooms or other spaces, thicker fabrics such as wool is perfect.

Types Of Curtains

We supply many types of curtains, all of which serve different purposes and style types. Many of our drape options include:

Eyelet Curtains – Perfect for high quality, weightier materials such as wool. With the metal rings included, these curtains seamlessly slip onto the curtain pole. The fluid functionality of them can really make a space stand out.

Blackout Drapes – With a thick lining, these curtains are ideal for preventing light coming through when it’s not wanted. If you require total darkness in a room to sleep, then blackout curtains are ideal for you.

Pencil Pleat – Ran across heading tape they will suit nearly any type of window frame. 

Thermal Curtains – For those rooms that you want to keep warmer for longer, these curtains are great at retaining heat, keeping you and your home warm during the cold winter months. They are also great at keeping heat at during the warmer summer months.

As for curtain style, you can focus on a shade from your rooms colour scheme or opt for a patterned style. For brightly lit areas, neutral and light-coloured drapes are best, as they are less inclined to fade with time.

Whether you need curtains that allow in a little light, add some vibrancy or add a little privacy, we have the curtains for you. If you live in South Wales or the South West of England, get in touch on 0800 037 7368 to arrange a complete curtain service. We supply and fit a range of curtains, tailored to your specific tastes and rooms.


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