Curtains And Interior Design

Curtains And Interior Design

Whether you are hosting a party for friends or jusy relaxing with your family, the way a room is decorated can give off certain vibes that are reflected in the atmosphere of a home. Therefore, it is important to update your living room seasonally to bring life and excitement to this social space. Here at A1 Blinds and Curtains, we have a few tips on how you can create a whole new look to freshen up an interior.

Light And Sheer Curtains

Sheer long curtains provide an excellent way of adding a visual barrier whilst remaining a subtle touch to a room. They are commonly used on windows to provide some privacy without blocking out any natural light. Neutral coloured sheer curtains have multiple uses such as layering with other curtains which keeps the interior fresh without being too bold.

Patterned Drapes

In contrast, patterns such as stripes, plaid and floral have always been popular depending on the theme of the room. It is important to style them right as they can clutter a room and make it too busy. Consider curtain designs and patterns of different sizes to create various looks such as thicker stripes for a bold look. Or intricate floral designs would be better suited for English country home.

Bold Colour Curtains

One of the easiest ways to design a room is to go neutral as it is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room over again; making the curtains a statement of the room. It makes redecorating cheaper as they are a main feature of the room and so less would have to be done if you fancy a change. Long curtains and roman blinds are a great way to spruce up the room and you can even change them every season due to the big visual impact they bring.

Curtains Complimenting Furniture

Another option for a neutral coloured room is using curtains that match the furniture. This is a risky technique as it can be very overpowering, but it can easily be perfected. Use different shades of a colour and add textures in both the furniture and curtains to enhance the visual appeal of your room.


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