Conservatory Decoration Tips Newport

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories can often feel cold and unwelcoming, with hard floors and being very open to the outside, it can be hard to get comfortable. When the weather is a bit colder, it is important to make it a space that you don’t want to leave. Read A1 Blinds & Curtains’ top tips to find out how this can be achieved.

Cosy Paint Colours Newport

Warm colours bring visual heat to a room which also gives the cosy feel that’s desired. Experiment with red undertones or bold mustard yellows to see what works best for you. Try to avoid blues, purples and some shades of green as they can quickly take warmth away from the space.

Your blinds have an impact on the warmth of your conservatory as when the light is shining through them, the colour is projected into the room. Yellow, white or orange blinds tend to give the room a sunset hour look that projects comfort.

Heat Trapping Blinds Newport

Here at A1 Blinds & Curtains, we provide Roman Blinds which are a great way to trap heat into a conservatory due to their layers and lined fabric. The way they fold gives them a soft look and having the blind in a simple pattern or a warm, staple shade allows them to bring the room together.

We provide Perfect Fit Blinds which would be perfect for conservatories as if you’d like to block the light out completely, you can as they are fit snug to the window frame. Call us today on 0800 037 7368 for more information on this.

Best Conservatory Blind Designs Newport

All style of blinds come with different features that suit people differently so choosing the best blinds in terms of look is up to you. But for practicality or energy saving, we would recommend either the Roman or Venetian Blinds. Roman Blinds are best if you’re in colder environments as they trap heat, therefore saving you energy. Venetian Blinds would work best if your home tends to keep heat well as they don’t offer the best insulation but do add visual warmth to a room.

Newport Conservatory Decorations

We provide a wide range of patterns for your blinds and curtains so why not base your rooms decorations on the colours you choose to dress you windows in. This could be any anything from cushions to vases or even little touches like ornaments.

To bring in the comfy/warm theme you could pile a sofa with a range of coloured pillows that go with your blinds, for example if you choose a red and orange pattern then find similar shades of pillow covers to bring warmth and cosiness!

Conservatory Redecoration Newport

If it’s past the point of a few cushions and a lick of paint being the solution, it may be that you need to completely revamp and redecorate your conservatory. One way to keep the heat in would be by replacing your windows. When you do this, also consider what they will be dressed in. For the best quality blinds and curtains, come to us at A1 Blinds & Curtains and we’ll provide you with a free quote and amazing service.

A1 Blinds & Curtains Newport

We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and fitting them all at a competitive price so be sure to call A1 Blinds & Curtains today on 0800 037 7368. A member of our team would be happy to speak to you about anything you are unsure on


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