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red vertical blinds in a kitchen area

Looking for blinds in your house? Then look no further than A1 Blinds and Curtains. We offer a range of shades to dress your windows. If you want to know more about the different types on offer, then let us share the most beautiful shades for your home.

Bespoke Venetian

Venetian is a very popular styles that can fit many aesthetics. We can provide you with sleek and modern shades that are great at controlling the privacy of your home. Angling the blades can easily allow you to let as much light as you like in. They can also be completely raised or lowered. Venetian is the design of simplicity and can bring style to any room. Wooden Venetian blinds can add charm and natural beauty to most spaces.

If you opt for metal Venetian, they’re a great choice for kitchen or bathroom blinds. This is because they’re fine with water and easy to clean.

roman blinds in a bathroom

Roman Blinds

For a softer look, why not go for a Roman design. These consist of neatly folded fabric that drapes over a window. They’re a timeless addition to any room, giving a relaxed and classic feel to the décor. If you want some texture among your walls, Roman shades are the suitable design. They have the same cosy feel as curtains, but with the added mechanism of simple raising and lowering. These blinds can come with thermal or blackout lining, making them perfect for a bedroom.

Vertical Designs

If you want to go for a classic and elegant look for shades, then the vertical design is for you. These designs are lower maintenance than others, because falling dust doesn’t collect as easily on the perpendicular panels. This style is perfect for larger windows, as they allow for a full-length design. Verticals are perfect for placing over doors as they can be opened easily for access, making them the perfect addition to the conservatory.

close up of vertical blinds
perfect purple blinds in a living room

Roller Blinds

Rollers are a classic, sturdy design of shades that come in a huge variety of styles. They’re a single piece of fabric that is super simple to raise and lower. This style is quite popular in modern houses because of how versatile the straightforward design is. If you’re looking for an open-space feel, the roller design is much more space efficient than other solutions

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