5 Reasons To Choose Made To Measure Curtains

yellow made to measure curtains

Made to measure curtains are explained in the name, they are made for you in the style, length, width, colour and pattern you want. Ideal for any room you wish, and they will be made to match your room perfectly. See below why they make an ideal choice.

Value For Money

Yes, made to measure curtains can seem more expensive than standard ready to go curtains. They come with many benefits that mean they are a valued investment that will last and give you a quality product. They will last much longer and with proper care be a valued item in your room.

Unique Headings

Ok so, you will probably be asking what a heading is? The heading is the top of the curtain and with made to measure you can choose the ideal look for you. There are a selection of pleats and eyelets to give your curtains the best for your overall look. There are too many to list but just a few are double pinch pleats, triple pinch pleats and eyelets.

Personalised For You

One of the main reasons to choose made to measure curtains is that you can choose how you want them to look and the ideal colour or pattern needed to perfectly match your room. With standard curtains, compromises have to made on style & colour but with made to measure these compromises are so much less.

Made To Measure Curtains Features

As explained, you can get the right style for you but also there are added features you can get to make your curtains work better in your home. If you need to block out light in a bedroom the curtains can be made to block out light and give you a perfect blackout. The lining can be fitted with a thermal layer that helps to hold heat in the room in the colder months and keep it cool in the summer. These are only a selection of features available.

Less Wasted Materials

One of the added features is the amount of fabric & materials used. Overall, made to measure use much less material as only the fabric required is used and greatly reduces waste.

Made To Measure Curtains Newport

Whether you need curtains or blinds that allow in a little light, add some vibrancy or add a little privacy, we have the curtains for you. If you live in South Wales or the South West of England, get in touch on 0800 037 7368 to arrange a complete curtain service. We supply and fit a range of curtains, tailored to your specific tastes and rooms


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